900 colour options to choose
What to choose for BIG breasts?

Free shipping

Make an order for 10 or more units and we will make a gift for you: free shipping.

This option is automatically integrated into our website. When you have 10 or more units in your cart, a “free shipping” option will be automatically added at checkout.

Why did we decide to pamper you with free shipping?

We really appreciate your choice. When we see a large number of positions in your order, we understand the following:

  • You really, really like our brand of clothing for poledance (quality, design, colors);
  • You choose a lot of kits for yourself because it is impossible to stop;
  • You recommend us to your pole-friends, collect one general order.

Therefore, we would like to thank you for choosing our brand. It’s always nice to receive bonuses in the form of free shipping.

We are very pleased to see your orders, sew bright suits for you and see our beautiful #artGOgirls.

With love, artGO sport company.

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