A wide belt – what does it look like and what is it for?

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A wide belt – what does it look like and what is it for?

In the arsenal of our additional services you can see this up-grade option,  a wide belt for shorts of the models Sport, Glory, Trixy, Flexy, shorts with a skirt, and also leggings.

This service is included in the list in order to help our customers with different proportions of the figure look beautiful and feel comfortable while training!

  1. Firstly, if there is a big tummy, a wide belt will help to tight and hide it. In this case, there won’t be the squeezing effect, since there is no tight elastic inside the belt, the density of the fabric itself can draw in the skin without its superfluous squeezing.
  2. Secondly, sometimes there are disproportionalities of the body, such as: a long body but short legs; tall height, at which the girls need to balance their body . Also sometimes we want to wear high shorts to emphasize our sexuality, but if the waist is not expressed  the shorts that start from the waist line will only emphasize the rectangle shape or the triangle shape of the body. In this situation, an excellent opportunity to combine the desire to train in high-waisted shorts  with this figure type  is to order additional service “A wide belt in shorts” and choose the color of the belt in the tone of the main fabric of the shorts themselves.


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