What to choose for BIG breasts?
We’re Ukrainian company and now it’s hard time, it’s the war in our country. How to help?

Are you STICKY like honey?🐝

A common problem in pole training is the lack of stickiness and grip on the pole. And there is no one thing for everyone … after all, every girl is different. What do we offer?

– for regular trainings STANDARD sticky cream adds grip to hands (we have 2 types of magnesia, 30 ml, 50 ml and BIG 200 ml volume)😉

– if your hands are sweating, standard magnesia does not help, there is REINFORCED sticky magnesia CREAM💪

– in static elements, use rosin to stick to the pole. Rosin is suitable for all pilonists: it is applied to those areas of the skin where you need to properly adhere to the pole. It will help to work out any complex element💣

All this products you can find in our pole-shop, go to “Accessories” section.

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