Olha Zahilska


Are you STICKY like honey?🐝

A common problem in pole training is the lack of stickiness and grip on the pole. And there is no one thing for everyone … after […]

What to choose for BIG breasts?

How many of us GIRLS with BIG BREASTS are here? We know that big breasts need GOOD SUPPORT👍. It is especially important when performing pole flips. […]

Free shipping

Make an order for 10 or more units and we will make a gift for you: free shipping.

900 colour options to choose

We scare our customers! And we scare you with a huge choice: more than 30 fabrics, 900 options for color combinations among themselves, as well as […]

A wide belt – what does it look like and what is it for?

In the arsenal of our additional services you can see this up-grade option,  a wide belt for shorts of the models Sport, Glory, Trixy, Flexy, shorts […]

Which model of shorts to choose?

It is often a huge deal when forming an order. – A high model of shorts Spicy is perfect for girls with the figure “sandglass” with […]