Olha Zahilska


We’re Ukrainian company and now it’s hard time, it’s the war in our country. How to help?

Now it’s the war in our country since 24.02.2022. Putin started an unprovoked war against Ukraine, a war against Europe, a war against the whole world. […]

Are you STICKY like honey?🐝

A common problem in pole training is the lack of stickiness and grip on the pole. And there is no one thing for everyone … after […]

What to choose for BIG breasts?

How many of us GIRLS with BIG BREASTS are here? We know that big breasts need GOOD SUPPORT👍. It is especially important when performing pole flips. […]

Free shipping

Make an order for 10 or more units and we will make a gift for you: free shipping.

900 colour options to choose

We scare our customers! And we scare you with a huge choice: more than 30 fabrics, 900 options for color combinations among themselves, as well as […]

A wide belt – what does it look like and what is it for?

In the arsenal of our additional services you can see this up-grade option,  a wide belt for shorts of the models Sport, Glory, Trixy, Flexy, shorts […]