“Body” – great for pole dance, gym and swimming!

Shorts for BOOTY DANCE, what should they be?

“Body” – great for pole dance, gym and swimming!

Today we will talk about body – what, who and why?

Piece body from artGO sport is very multifunctional in its purpose. First and foremost, of course, he is very effective and comfortable in exotic pole training, where there is no need to grip the pylon around the tummy, but it is necessary to emphasize sexuality, and also tighten and hide the tummy (if, of course, it is necessary) . In addition, it is very convenient to slide on the floor, painless and easy))

Now our clothes have a multi-purpose application, not only in the field of pole dance. If your hobby is frequent cycling, this is the perfect clothing option! Covered waist, do not need to correct or tilt the upper, just completely immerse yourself in a favorite thing).

Similarly, in the gym without any problems do squats and attacks and be irresistible! Body from artGO sport is so comfortable and comfortable that you do not feel it at all!

And the most amazing plus is also an excellent alternative to a swimsuit for the pool or, even, for the beach !!! Checked, with regular contact with water (including chlorinated), the body does not lose shape, does not stretch and does not shine, because our fabrics are of high quality!

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